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Shenandoah West - Rules & Policies


  1. Each group shall have a recognized adult group leader.

    1. This adult is responsible for any and all campers.

    2. Adequate adult supervision is required of any group.

    3. The group leader should review these rules with the entire group upon arrival.

  2. Shenandoah West is subject to all Federal, State, and County laws.

    1. Fire Prevention & Safety

      1. No open flames or camp fires.

      2. Cook meals inside the lodge, or on Coleman or RV stoves.

      3. No smoking.

    2. All motorized vehicles are restricted to parking areas. Vehicles are permitted on roads within the property during work days if authorized. Trails are for pedestrians. No motorbikes or four wheelers.

    3. County Health Department sets health standards.

      1. Keep the kitchen free for the cook. Only authorized personnel are to be in the kitchen.

      2. Kitchen area must be cleaned after each meal—including utensils, tables, and floors.

      3. Showers and restrooms are to be cleaned and kept in sanitary condition. Please conserve water. Do not place anything except toilet paper in the toilet. We have a septic system.

      4. Beds and mattresses in the sleeping dorms are not to be moved.

      5. Adequate trash barrels are provided. Please don’t be a litterbug.

      6. Fire extinguishers are for emergency use only. Any tampering or misuse will be considered vandalism.

      7. Each group must remove all unused food from the premises.

  3. The camp is prepared for each group in a manner consistent with the above standards. Each group using the camp is asked to maintain the above standards. The group leader is asked to make a final inspection of the camp using the “Good Steward’s Check List” before checking out.

  4. Any property damage due to negligence or abuse shall be the responsibility of those using the camp facilities.

  5. In the case of illness, accident, or injury, a simple first-aid kit is available in the lodge. Each group will benefit by taking the following precautions:

    1. Designate one person in your group who has had practical training to be responsible for first-aid.

    2. Use the buddy system.

    3. Warn campers of poison oak, snakes, and mountain lions. All of these are common in the foothills of the Sierras. We are invading their territory. They live here, we don’t.

  6. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are allowed on the premises.

  7. No swimming in the pond.

Please Note: Each group must furnish its own linens (sheets, bath towels, and kitchen towels) and paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, and garbage bags). Revised Feb., 2011

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