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Church Reopening Instructions

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  1. We have not set a date for returning to worship together in church, but we are making preparations to do so. Our primary concern is everyone's safety, and we plan to proceed with caution. We will pay attention to state and county recommendations, and we will use our best judgment given the real-time, local conditions.

  2. You will be notified by email, phone call, text message, etc.– once a return date has been set.

  3. We know that not everyone will feel comfortable about returning to church when we do.  Everyone feels differently about that, and we respect everyone's feelings. So if you do not feel that it is right for you to return, we encourage you to stay home and join our service online.

  4. When we begin meeting in person again, services will be streamed online so that anyone who cannot, or does not want to come to the building yet, can still participate remotely.

Leaving Your House


  1. When we do return, we ask that you stay home if you feel sick or think you might be sick.  If you have a fever or chills, cough or shortness of breath, fatigue or body aches, headache, nausea or vomiting, sore throat, or a new loss of taste or smell, please do not come to church, and call your medical care provider.

  2. Bring your own mask. We will have a few masks on hand should someone forget, but EVERYONE will be required to wear a mask AT ALL TIMES.

  3. Leave your Bible, notebook, handouts, and papers at home. Because the virus can live for up to 5 days on some paper surfaces, we are planning for book-free, handout-free, and paper-free services.

  4. If you plan to give an offering, please write your check or place you money in the collection envelope before you leave your house. This will help you be ready.

When You Arrive


  1. There will be no Bible classes for anyone. We will hold the worship service only.

  2. There will be no coffee or snacks. 

  3. We will have two doors open for you to enter, and we ask that you enter through these doors only. The first will be the back door in the corner of the parking lot near Woody's office. The second will be the main door on MacArthur that opens into the lobby. These doors will be propped open so that no one will have to use the door handles.

  4. A greeter will be stationed at each door with a forehead thermal scanner to check everyone's temperature. If the scanner shows that you have a fever of 100 degrees or greater, you will be asked to return home.

  5. A greeter will also be stationed at each door to answer questions and provide directions.

  6. Most of the church building will be blocked off. The only places open will be the two entrances, the auditorium, the children's cry room, and the main bathrooms across from the cry room. Please do not go to other places or parts of the building (no kitchen, no fellowship hall, no upstairs, no office area, etc.).

  7. Hand sanitizer will be available for your use.

  8. Near each entrance door, you will see a table on which you will find single-serve communion sets (containing a cup of juice and a wafer of bread) and plastic baggies. Each person should take one communion set AND a plastic bag. You are asked to put you used communion cup in the plastic bag for disposal at the end of the service.

  9. Upon arrival, please pick up your communion set and go directly to the auditorium and find a seat. Please do not linger.

  10. Do not look for a bulletin or order of worship. A paper-less format will be used, and all information you need will be displayed on the screen and/or spoken as an announcement.

  11. We ask that each family group (or single individual) sit at the end of a every other pew. To assist with this, the entrances to every other pew will be blocked. By sitting only on the ends and alternating pews, we hope to ensure proper social distance.

As You Worship


  1. Everyone must wear their mask at all times during the service. This includes the praise team and all speakers.  Mask-wearing is essential.

  2. Children will not be dismissed to Children's Bible Hour during the service. Children must remain seated with their parents at all times. Woody & Judy will have a Children's Sermon, but children must remain seated with their parents during the Children's Sermon too.

  3. Unless you are members of the same family, there can be only one person at a time in the computer corner.

  4. If you need to use the bathroom, please use the main bathrooms in the hallway. Only one person at a time  will be permitted in the bathroom. Be sure to wash your hands upon leaving the bathroom.

  5. We plan to have a streamlined worship service containing only the essential elements. There will be no "Meet & Greet," and even essential comments will be kept to a minimum.

  6. If you have prayer requests, please text them to Brian prior to the closing prayer.

When You Leave 


  1. You will be dismissed by sections at the end of the service. Please remain seated until you are dismissed, and then leave through the door where directed.

  2. As you leave, you will see a locked box on the table with the communion sets. This box is for your offering.

  3. When church is over, please do not linger near the doorways or in the parking lot to talk. Do not do this! It is important that you go directly to your car and head home.

  4. Everyone's safety is our top priority, and we thank you for helping us abide by these guidelines. 


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